Our Authors

Meet our authors and discover their works; from romance and adventure, through fantasy and the paranormal, right into weird.

Leenna Naidoo
Hi. I’ve been writing for over ten years now. I started off with short stories and took the big leap into novel writing back in 2009-2010. It all began with a short-story which grew too big to fit into the customary 2500 word limit for most romance stories and grew into No Distance To Run. I love blending the normal and mundane with something strange and interesting – usually magical, but sometimes just weird. My favourite hero so far is Tom. You’ll find him in Situation No Win. I think I like his smart-alec remarks best. I’m quite fond of most of my characters. You’ll find links to them down below.

I Find Myself Charmed (free ebook)
No Distance To Run (free ebook)
How Not To Meet The Man The Man Of Your Dreams (Non-fiction)
Situation No Win
Settle Down Now (sample)
Here Be Monsters

Anushka Haakonson
Hi there. I’m Anushka. I’ve been a writer for just over 14 years. I began writing while on a working holiday in Scotland and still draw a lot of my inspiration from the northern climes. I especially like Celtic history and mythology. At the moment, I’m really into the Saami folklore of Finland and Norway. You’ll find my Life and Times Of Gilbert MacD appearing in non-chronological order as I’m going about rediscovering those stories. At the moment, I’m most excited about the start of my new series, the first in which we meet Nik and discover his secret. But I’m still busy working on that! I’ll keep you updated. For now, you’ll have to do with Bert and his ‘team’. For those of you interested in reading in chronological order, I suggest you start with Valentines Dance, then go on to Minding. Kieron’s Tale should be next, followed by The Dessie. I’d love to know what you think about Bert and his family. And thanks for reading!

Kieron’s Tale
Valentines Dance (free ebook)
Minding (free ebook)
The Dessie (free ebook)

Hey, I’m some guy who likes writing and experiencing more than talking. So… check out my stuff if you like.
And thanks for supporting indie everything. We need diversity.

Flashie Things v1

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