Quote This

By  NVaughn7

I’ve always hated it when people, especially people I know and love, begin their intro (to anything) with a quote.
It instantly riles the bored, non-conformist sixteen-year old in me forced to sit through overly long speeches in the hot sun. Not only does it announce that the person speaking lacks imagination, it also leaves you with a great doubt that they have anything of interest to say.
So I switch off, rolling my eyes at the thirty-year old me forced to sit through formal events taking three times as long as they should – because someone had decided that 10 minutes of waffling someone else’s not always apt words is a lot more entertaining, educational and memorable than a three-minute well-thought out insight into the subject at hand.
Time wasted.
Is there anything more to say?
I think not.
Quote me on that.

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