Use these tell-tales to see if you really are in love with the OOYA (Object Of Your Affection)


1. Random temporary loss of cognitive powers at thought of the OOYA  Y /N
2. Heart Rate accelerates within sight/at thought of the OOYA   Y/N
3. Less than 5 words in 10 make sense within earshot of the OOYA  Y/N
4. ‘Polaroid snapshot’ vision of anything OOYA related  Y/N
5. Inability to visualise entire face of the OOYA  Y/N
6. Unconscious idiotic smile at thought of/in presence of the OOYA  Y/N
7. 90% of your thoughts have nothing to do with you Y/N

in the presence of the OOYA

8. Rationality intact  Y/N
9. Tremors in body or the world in general (esp lip tremors)  Y/N
10. Faintness in proximity to the OOYA  Y/N
11. Pressure to say something? Anything? To the OOYA  Y/N
12. Dryness in throat  Y/N
13. Struck speechless by one of the following of the OOYA:
ears   hands  neck  shoulders eyes   wart on neck or similar
14. Behave seriously out of character to attract attention/maintain attention/focus attention thus making a complete and utter fool of yourself in the OOYA’s eye  Y/N
15. Awareness not unlike the building of an electric storm/shorting of a circuit  Y/N
16. ‘Dictaphone’ hearing  Y/N


*For fun and interest only.

If you’ve answered yes to 7, you have a serious problem. We recommend you visit a therapist or a self-development course.
If you’ve answered yes to 8, you are a well-balanced person who is quite likely not in love at this stage. This is a modifier that needs to be read in relation with the rest of the results.
If you’ve answered yes to 3, careful analysis of the OOYA needs to be taken into consideration. Either you’re really into this person or, unfortunately, the OOYA is, at best, a bad communicator.
If you’ve answered yes to both 9 and 12, you might be needing some medical attention soon as your blood pressure may be too low. Alternatively, you are really affected by the physical presence of the amazing OOYA!
If you’ve answered yes to 4, 15 and 16, your feelings may be going to one of two (or even both) extremes – namely: love and hate. Careful analysis of future behaviour and responses to the OOYA (or not) is now required.
If you’ve answered yes any one part of 13, analysis of your predominating reaction is needed. Is it revulsion or appreciation that you feel? Or do you just feel like laughing… A positive or neutral response is more likely to indicate love.
If you’ve answered yes to 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11,14 you are either incredibly in lust or love. Other factors will determine whether this will grow into a strong, healthy love – factors like mutual respect, friendship and time.

Anushka Haakonson is the author of The Life and Times of Gilbert MacD series which includes Valentine’s Dance and Minding. She is currently working on her first paranormal thriller  Bears Tears, Wolf’s Fears.

Take our poll to see which tell-tales of love and lust you and others experience the most.

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