by NVaughn7

Yeah, I know we been a little quiet lately. Blame it on the unsettled year that was 2014. Just when you thought it was safe to go out, safe to start something new, safe to chase after your dreams; something weird, strange or downright sad came flying out of leftfield. Good or bad, if you’re like me, you’d have been left a little stunned by the events…

Now 2015’s finally here and while it’s started off in a promising way, I can’t help but be a little disappointed. I mean, it’s 2015! Where are the Dekkers and replicants? Where are the moon-bases? We have nanotechnology instead, but still don’t quite know exactly how big an adult great white shark really gets.
Anushka’s wondered if we’ll ever see belties again that are as big as the pre-foot-and-mouth disease epidemic ones back in 2001. And Leenna’s wondering why aren’t we mining on Mars yet?
The world has numerous millionaires, a good bit of billionaires and the odd trillionaire; yet poverty and a feeling of lack, in just about everything, is more prevalent than ever for most of us – millionaire and billionaires included.

There’s the net and tech that’s satisfactorily futuristic – though not always practical: I’m talking to you who text while driving, and air-traffic controllers who lose airbusses. Meanwhile, a large part of the world is slipping back into feuding and feudal times…

2015 – no ultimate utopia, no ultimate dsytopia, so I guess that’s ok. Besides, everyone keeps telling me what a great year it’s going to be, all Zippidy Doo Dah. So, on that note, it’s time to let you know what the girls and I have in mind for this cheerfully bright year.

Anushka’s woken up from her Christmas/Hogmanay fairytale to set hard to work on her much anticipated new novel. She’s got the first draft of Bear’s Tears, Wolf’s Fears all completed in her secret notebook. Now she’s only got to get it all typed up and out to beta readers. We’re hoping to see this by the first half of this year. Anushka’s not the world’s fastest typist, but she gets there eventually . If you want a sneak peek of her new novel, you can head on over to Jukepop where she’s stopped updating. She found the site too clique-orientated for her and so stopped the experimenting. This novel is the first of a trilogy which Anushka has planned.
We’re also looking forward to Anushka completing The Bear – Redemption sometime soon. She’s obviously working with her bear totem these days. Redemption is a retelling of East Of The Sun, West Of the Moon. We’re still deciding if it will be the story for the next SeeThroughIt or whether to send it out as a stand alone story. Time will tell once the dust has settled. Anushka’s not forgotten about Gilbert either – the first of the Life And Times Of Gilbert MacD stories. She says that she needs to re-work it a little. It was the first ever longer format story that she had written.

SeethroughIt Issue 2, is still in the works. We’re gathering some new interesting stuff for you. We’re all working on getting it out to you as soon as we can, honest we are! Good content takes some time and we hope that the wait will be justified.

Leenna’s been working on her new blog since she’s moved back home to RSA. It’s called Inbetweener – Straddling different Worlds. And that’s exactly what Leenna’s been doing. She’d taken part in WordPress’s Blogging University last month and produced some diverse stuff. Leenna’s also finally (finally!) completed the hilarious Settle Down Now which she hopes to get into print soon. We’ll keep you posted on that. Leenna’s also been busy working on her new sci-fi novel The Incident at Wolfe Creek. She’s stopped gushing about her trip to Oz last year and is now writing with inspiration drawn from that trip. She’s gotten a good start on the story in NanoWriMo and hopes to have the first draft within the next two months.
Leenna’s also now a full-time writer. We hope she gets out of the ‘writer’s garret’ and out there.
Not content to juggle just two projects, Leenna’s also revising How Not To Meet The Man Of Your Dreams. We hope to put out our only self-help title as soon as Leenna’s given us the new work – crossing fingers it’s before March. You can get a sneak peek of what the revision will read like on Inbetweener.

As for me, I’ve been looking at my notes and all those bits and pieces I’ve got scattered about. I’m trying to get Flashie Things v2 out soon. I’ve been hitting a stumbling block here and there with that. I’ve also started experimenting with a novel, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

And there you have it – what we’ve been up to and what we hope to get to you before this Zippidy-Doo-Dah year is over.

Wishing you all the best in 2015.
And hoping that you stay tuned


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