Close Escape

Monday Flash Fiction Challenge

From Monday Finish The Story

Jan 19 Flash Fiction – 100-150 words

Close Escape
By NVaughn7

2015-01-19-bw-beacham Jan 19

First line: “They finally made their escape.”

Albert sped down the drowning driveway, hoping the road ahead wasn’t washed away. Sandy didn’t protest. She shuddered, unable to rid herself of those awful scenes. Albert drove in silence until they reached the bridge.

“Oh, no! It’s out!” said a shocked Sandy.
“The old bridge will be fine.” Albert swung the Jeep around.
“But…what about..the Ghost?” Sandy’s face was scared.
“Only other option is we go back…” Albert nodded as Sandy shook her head.


Sandy pulled herself out of the swollen river, shivering and crying. The Jeep was rounding the river bend, still sinking with its doors open. Why had Albert swerved off the bridge screaming about a ghost? There was no ghost. Why had he jumped out, leaving her to drown with the Jeep? Why, oh, why had she run off with this man who loved living in her mansion, one whom her family hated?

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