Mettle Work

Here’s Monday’s Finish The Story – 150 Words to complete the first line. Thanks Babs and company. Enjoy.

2015-02-02-bw-beacham Mettle Work

By NVaughn7


First line:
Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River.
Pleased, his diamond tooth glinted as he counted the bag’s contents.Now to get past those authority boys…


Diamond Jack (DJ to his friends) sniffed the morning air with satisfaction. His had been a busy, loud night.

DJ drove the truck with the strange contraption in the trailer. As suspected, the authorities had the road cordoned off.

The policeman waved him over.
“Morning, DJ. What’s that?” The policeman pointed to the metal structure.
“My entry for the art fair, Roland.”
“Art fair, eh?” The sculpture half resembled a swan in agony. “Not bad DJ,” said Roland, “but why the boxes for feet?”
“Stability, Roland. Can’t have a ton on metal falling on the judges.”
Roland smiled and waved DJ through.

Chuckling, DJ stopped at the art fair, then stuffed the banknotes from the sculpture into his duffel bag. He had found the robbers’ stash and now it was all his.


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