Dropping a line

Monday’s Finish the story  was fun. Here’ my contribution.

Dropping a line

By NVaughn7


First Line:
Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.

Eventually, some bubbles rose. A fisheye followed. “What’re you doing?”
She dropped the line. “Fishing,” She gawped.
“For what?”
“Um…I’m…er, just…fishing. For relaxation.”
“Oh. Thought you’re fishing for me.”
Was that amusement in the fish’s eye? “oh, no! I…” Looking at the fish’s face, she knew it was someone she could really talk to. Soon, the salmon knew all her woes–the non-payments, her over-demanding boss, those worrying car noises…

“Oh my!” said the fish.“I shouldn’t, but I’ll grant you one wish. How about it?”
She nodded, hardly believing her luck.
“Only condition,” remarked the salmon, “you can’t tell anyone about me. Else the magic all goes…”
She nodded. Who would believe her anyway?

Five minutes later, she happily got into her new car. She’d asked to be really happy! Now all her unhappy situations were gone. As long as she kept the lake’s secret…

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