The Write Way

Monday’s Finish the story.

As always, first line and a pic prompt from Barbara Beacham.

This was a hard one, folks!


The Write Way

By NVaughn7



First Line:
The old typewriter had a mind of its own.

It resented the stories Eustace wrote. Underwood had instilled in it the very essence of journalism. No amount of flim-flam it was forced to ink could change that. Eustace had to be shown the write way.

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24 thoughts on “The Write Way

  1. Oh, how ungrateful of him. I am glad that the typewriter kept going.
    I like this a lot and I can see it turn into a longer story – Eustace’s rise to journalistic stardom and his panic when he realises he’s thrown out his secret weapon… Good job!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Why would anyone throw away such a great type writer? Then again, why would anyone throw a type writer away in general? I would not, they are wonderful!
    Great little story. It has the potential to be expanded.


  3. Ever the professional, that typewriter. I liked your play on “write” and “right”.
    I’m guessing Eustace never wrote another good story without his helper, the ungrateful so-and-so.
    Very enjoyable story!

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