What’s in SeeThroughIt 2

SeeThroughIt Issue 2 will be out on Monday, 16 March 2015.

Be sure to enter our giveaway on the sidebar to win your copy, or get it on Pre-order for only $0.99!

Here’s what you can expect.


A Line-up of Limericks
There’s one about about a mouse and a louse…

Gamers 101
An introduction, personal reflections and an interview
Leenna goes tripping down memory lane, interviewing one of the oldest gamers she knows; shares her unique perspective on gamers as romantic interests, and gets a gamer to give you a tip on dating one.

Seeing Through
Classic NVaugn7 with Practically-A-Flake

What She Thinks
Opinion on Players as opposed to Gamers

Food for thought.

There’s No Such Things as Fairytales
Magic potions for the Post-Modern Girl?

Alternative Remedies
How to cure kidney stones, the Learning To Surf Way 😀

Guess We’ll Never Know
Flash fiction with a noir feel from NVaughn7

Land Of Fire And Ice
Personal travel in the far North-East of China. Discover volcanoes and medicinal cures
Leenna’s trip to the Wudalianchi Volcanoes about three hours out of Harbin. She covers everything from medicinal cures to the fall colors and what you can expect from a locally run tour of the region.

The Other
Flash Fiction Interview from NVaughn7

Rant: Random Acts Of Kindness Initiative
NVaughn7 climbs the podium to rant on a subject close to his heart

Diary Of A Good Girl (Gone Bad)
What could possibly make a Good Girl Go Bad?
Find out what Dough-face has to do with it.

The Bear–Redemption
The Prince from ‘East Of The Sun, West of The Moon’ tells us why he was enchanted and roaming as a bear.
Anushka’s take on the this fairytale favorite. See here for an interview with Anushka about this story.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Coming Soon

We really had fun with the artwork too. Let us know your thoughts on it.

Win a copy of SeeThroughIt Issue 2

Interview with Anushka
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