Golden Lie- Flash fiction

I’m back, after a short break, for Monday’s Finish the story challenge with my 150 word story.

Golden Lie

By NVaughn7



First Line:
A body suddenly crashed through the plate glass window of the Brigadier’s house.

Double-Oh-Negative-Sven stumbled after, hair plastered down one side; evidence of his nap after eleven martinis. The intruder raced below towards the pool.

A gunshot rang out. A pool-chair exploded.
“Stop gawking, Double-Oh-Negative-Sven!” bawled the Brigadier, waving his rifle, “He’s got ‘It’!”

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7 thoughts on “Golden Lie- Flash fiction

  1. I love this bumbling agent! He makes a nice change after the, suave, smooth-talking ones we’re used to. But perhaps this Double-Oh-Negative person won’t have women falling at his feet. It gave me a good giggle, though. 🙂

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