Monday’s Finish the story.


By NVaughn7

Barbara Beachum

First Line:
When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.

“Bet you a hundred years in Hel they won’t survive,” said Loki.

Thor scratched his beard. “Ok.”

Smiling, Loki wondered why old Dunderhead always fell for it. There was no way in Hel the team could survive. And Thor would be away for a hundred years.

The people paddled frantically. The freed waters, debris laden, gained on them.

Thor frowned, deep in thought…

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22 thoughts on “Dunderhead

  1. Ah… a fellow love of Viking myths. I love this interpretation of the prompt! Loki will never get the better of Thor! Of course Thor had to smite the Ice-giant.that. We know who the Dunderhead is now, don’t we? An excellent tale. 🙂

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