Winifred and the Wizard

Monday’s Finish the story. We have Anushka Haakonson guesting today.

Winifred and the Wizard

By Anushka Haakonson


First Line:
“Once upon a time in a land far, far away…”

Mother began The Frog Prince so; and always ended with, “…one day, a Prince’s kiss will turn you into a Princess!”

Winifred loved that her mother thought so, although she suspected palaces were too dry; and questioned the wisdom of awaiting a prince’s kiss to become a Princess. Besides, no-one had visited the oasis since Winifred had been a tadpole.

One day, after a great sandstorm, a caravan arrived.

Winifred was scared. She hopped everywhere, avoiding slurping camels and splashing men.

Suddenly, she was scooped up. Strange green eyes stared at her.

“You’re the most beautiful frog I’ve ever seen!” exclaimed the smiling wizard. “I’ll marry you as none here accept me.”

And the wizard kissed Winifred.

When the smoke cleared, Winifred saw the most handsome frog staring back. She ribbetted with delight. Her frog had come for her! And so, Winifred and the wizard swam off happily ever after.

19 thoughts on “Winifred and the Wizard

  1. Aw, a sweet romantic tale of two frogs in love 🙂
    I like the little twist where the wizard becomes a frog. Winifred sounds quite a pragmatic frog, I’m sure they’ll be happy together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely take on the prompt. I thought it was great how the wizard transformed into a frog, a wonderful update on a traditional tale!


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