To Kalvin from Dex

To: Kalvin

Re: Flashie Things v2 and MSJ Summer Edition

From Dex

Hey Kalvin
Thanks for the heds up on the TV Time Specs offer in The Mad Scientist Journal. Reckon you’re right, they’ll make a great gift for D, heheheh. You sister’s right. I liked Flashie Things v2. What’s she doing reading stuff like that? Maybe she just likes the pics?
Maybe I should give her a call or something. I found a freebie code for Flashie Things v2 and downloaded it. You should get your copy before Sunday 30th June, if you really want to save that $0.99 for your research, like me.
The code is ZG86C on Smashwords only. And your dinosaurs in the chicken coop? Do you really want a rerun of last summer? Just saying.
PS. Don’t tell Olly bout the freebie code. You know how he gets. Thx
Flashie Things v2 (Smashwords)

FYI: Your Time Modulator seems to be working fine. I received this over a week before you sent it :-D…That is what it’s suppose to do, right?


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