File Number 023

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Leenna and NVaughn7 have long been fans of The X-Files. Back in 2012, Leenna seriously thought of starting her own–The Why-Files or Y-Files, seeking answers to both paranormal and inexplicable events and…stuff.
This October, she finally got around to drawing up the files with the help of the LTSP team.
Here are excerpts from the files–not redacted yet.


File: 023

Date: December 2000

Case: The Loch Ness Monster

Location: Fort Augustus, Scotland

Investigator: Anushka

Decided to investigate reports of The Loch Ness Monster. Tour-guide Fergie (of Haggis Tours) mentioned the story, along with the fact that he appeared personally in the official Nessie Sightings Log–one made with another tour of his.

With two extra days in this little town at the end of Loch Ness, I decided to try my own bit of spotting. I carried a Samsung Point&Shoot standard film cam to gather evidence.

My first observation was that December in Scotland does not make for perfect weather for cryptology researchers. It was cold!

The typically dreek (gloomy) weather made for perfect visibility with no flashes of sunlight on the water to obscure observation or produce false results. But it was cold!

I positioned myself at the end of the wooden pier at Fort Augustus, down near where the locks end–the same locks which purported to have stranded a Nessie-like creature back in the days when it was built. It was cold.

Visibility was great over the water. All I observed were little wavelets picked up by the growing breeze. It was cold.

After about fifteen minutes, or what seemed more than an hour, I was quite frozen. The wind was picking up. Not a fan of chilblains, I decided that this investigation was not for me. Just I creaked up into a standing position, a flash of silver out on the water caught my eye. It was accompanied by a curious plopping sound. I frozen, staring out over the water, almost certain that I might finally meet the elusive Nessie.

Almost immediately, a large salmon, shot up into the air and curved gracefully diving back in. I continued my observations for a minute or two more, but the waters would give me no more information.

I headed back to the hostel stuck with the big Y. Why did the salmon jump just then? Had some huge creature like Nessie been out for a salmon dinner? Had Nessie been hiding under the pier the whole time?

I was briefly distracted by a fox out for a walk. It wasn’t of the Mulder variety, just the local canid, so I proceeded back to the hostel with nothing else to show for this chilling case than blue fingers and frozen feet.

Status: Open

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