Press Release: The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box

The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box will be released on
1 December 2015!

Three Authors, six eBooks combined, plus new short stories.
The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box is available only until mid February 2016.
Now available on Pre-Order for only $10.99 .

m_The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Cover b

Durban, South Africa, 25 November 2015

Fairy-tales, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, far off places, food for thought, advice for singletons. The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box has it all for a family with twelve year-olds and older.


What’s Inside?

There’s micro-fiction from Nvaughn7 to complement his Flashie Things v2. Anushka Haakonson introduces us to the giant Goguire, and Niall The Knight Farmer. The Bear seeking Redemption, roams through, along with Gilbert MacD and his irrepressible older brother Kieron.
Leenna Naidoo presents sci-fi/fantasy shorts in Surviving Oblivion, and Ride The Wave, Kiss The God. There’s humor and food for thought in Here Be Monsters, some suspense/comedy romance in Settle Down Now, and must-read advice for singletons in How Not To Meet The Man Of Your Dreams Revised.


Why compile The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box?

Remember waiting for Christmas morning to get that big, heavy book you thought you’d take all holiday to read, but you’d finish by the day after New Year’s Day?
Remember asking why we don’t have more of these bumper books available as eBooks? So did we at Learning To Surf Publishing. Then, we thought, Why not?

There’s nothing like reading that last page of a bumper book, double-checking if you’d missed something or if that was it, then deciding which was your favorite story.

And best of all, having the bumper book all year, tiding you over for your next bumper book binge.


About the authors:

NVaughn7 likes to play with words, and stretch his imagination to the outer limits and beyond. Ultra private, Nvaughn7 wears his loner badge with pride most of the time, but is more than happy to share flights of fancy with his writing friends. Find out more about NVaughn7.
Anushka Haakonson has always loved fairy-tales and magic. Bitten by a tartan bug when quite young, Scotland remains her muse. She loves to travel, learn new fairy-tales and northern lore, and gets easily distracted by dogs, butterflies and everyday magic. Find out more about Anushka Haakonson.
Leenna Naidoo grew up in Durban, South Africa. She’s old enough to have experienced some amazing changes in the world, and young enough to think we can still make this a fun, healthy world. She’s always thinking too much, evidence of which can be found on her blog: InBetweener


About the stories:

There’s something for everyone in the family. The Knight In Tarnished Armour and Goguire’s Search For A Schooling, have the gentle humor and delight of orally told tales; just perfect for the younger ones and grandparents.
A re-telling of the West Of The Sun, East Of The Moon, is all about the prince’s side of the tale in The Bear-Redemption.
In Kieron’s Tale, Gilbert MacD gives his loquacious brother Kieron some very difficult moments. Kieron’s tour to the Scottish Highlands quickly loses bodies when a deranged magic-hungry pair decide to steal a few lives, instead of the usual souvenirs. It’s all up to Gilbert with his magic, and Kieron with his mouth, to set things straight.

Nvaughn7’s Micro-fiction is like little chocolate morsels for your imagination, leaving an afterthought you might want to build on.
Flashie Things v2 offers more creative food for idea-starved writers with both words and images. From sci-fi to the criminal, there’s a range of flash to suit your mood.

Settle Down Now is all Charmaine Donnet wants to do. That’s proving difficult with her search for Mr Right turned into a reality TV show, the reappearance of an old flame and nemesis, Rob Hart, and a murderer on board the yacht she’s trapped on. Charmaine’s good heart and humor may prove fatal yet.
A strange peach-coloured drink nobody wants to talk about; miners on Mars growing more and more youthful? Investigative writer Angela’s first visit to Mars is anything but relaxing and boring, even with her husband Kieron working so hard. In Here Be Monsters, Angela has to fight for more than her life.
Are you single, or looking to be? How Not To Meet The Man of Your Dreams Revised is just the book you need to help you avoid hopeless entanglement, and its consequences. This snappy, snarky step-by-step guide will both tell you where you’re going wrong, and how to deal with it.


Meet a few of the characters:

Goguire, the giant, just wants to make things better by learning all he can, but his father and the little people he meets have other ideas for his future.
Niall the Knight Farmer is the go-to hero for a little kingdom menaced by Minton the Warlord, the odd assassin, and a Fearsome Dragon.
Cinderella has a missing glass slipper and a suspicious insurance investigator to manage before the show starts.
Angela doesn’t mind being almost forty. She’s got a good career as an investigative writer and a dreamy husband, Kieron, who’s just as keen as her to keep things sweet. She’s apprehensive about visiting the mining base on Mars, but how could she not? It’s a great opportunity to spend some precious time with Kieron, visit her brother, and still get her story.


Quotes from The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box:

Goguire’s second stone missile made it all the way past the tree, all the way across the river and two fields down. It roused the goats into a angry rush, but it did nothing to make Goguire feel better. Goguire’s Search For a Schooling

Reddened face. Big fist. Blue eye. Flashing lights. MicroFiction

But I know better now than to pin my hopes on such fantasies. I know I am better employed in scrounging for firewood than in day-dreaming what it would be like when I finally got to see him in the real world. Surviving Oblivion

“They released an apology saying it had all been a practical joke played by some bored workers on Mars.”
“I heard that too,” he mumbled, then swallowed, sitting down on the cushy divan. “But there’s been some other rumors going around over the past couple of weeks…” Here Be Monsters

So, anyways, that was Fort William to Kyleakin. My own little hell. Richard Liffey considering Bert, Bert chatting up the American, and the rest of the tour either asleep or falling asleep. And I’d run out of things to say! Kieron’s Tale

Exploring your personal issues is like shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to not meeting TMOYD. If you explore your issues, grow emotionally or any of that stuff, you can be sure TMOYD will eventually find you, even it if you’re doing everything in your power not to! How Not To Meet The Man of Your Dreams Revised


For review copies, interviews, and guest blogs:

Contact: Leenna
blog: or
facebook: Leenna Naidoo/Author


The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box

Release date: 1 December 2015
Length: approx 115,230 words
Available in ebook only: for Kindle/Nook/Tablets and PCs.
ISBN: 9781311572851
RRP: $10.99
Download from these great sites:
Smashwords      Barnes and Noble     Kobo

Indigo        Angus and Roberts 

Or read on:


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