Table of Contents and Meet Goguire

The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box is out. We thought we’d give you a wee peak at what’s it’s all about, so here’s the Table Of Contents with exclusive little snippets , and a little introduction to Goguire, the giant.

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Short Stories and Flash Fiction:

By Leenna Naidoo

Slipped Up
The stolen Glass Slippers are worth a little fortune. How can Fiona keep her mind on the production when her fiance’ is the main suspect?

A Good Record
This goofy scientist has discovered an amazing new way to photograph life, but getting this recording right is another thing

Ride The Wave, Kiss The God
Her ex is adamant she join him for the end of the world and beyond, but she’s convinced it will all end in tragedy.

Surviving Oblivion
There’s little to keep her going in the aftermath of Oblivion. Can a dream love really be her salvation?

By NVaughn7

Flashie Things v2
The usual quirky stuff from Nvaughn7 with unique illustrations by Practically-A-Flake

Stories told in one line.

By Anushka Haakonson

Goguire’s Search For A Schooling
Giants don’t go to school, or so Goguire’s been told. But this intrepid young giant has other ideas, and is searching for more.

The Knight In Tarnished Armour and Other Stories
Niall the Knight Farmer and his cow-herd must foil the wicked Warlord Minton, and his dastardly plans. Then there’s the dragon which has set fire to the mine.

Novels and novellas:

Here Be Monsters by Leenna Naidoo
Angie finds out what’s most precious in life on her first trip to Mars.

The Bear—Redemption by Anushka Haakonson
Jorvan has much to atone for, and a heart to win.

Settle Down Now By Leenna Naidoo
Charmaine finds out why her nemesis is called Rob Hart, and how murderous reality TV can be.

Kieron’s Tale by Anushka Haakonson
Book Two of The Life and Times of Gilbert MacD
Kieron’s first gig as a tour-guide takes a messy turn when wizards follow their own shocking path.


How Not To Meet The Man Of Your Dreams by Leenna Naidoo
The definite snarky guide on how to remain single. Find out what you’re doing wrong, or follow if you want to be single.

Excerpt from:

Goguire’s Search For A Schooling

by Anushka Haakonson

Goguire lobbed a stone at the unoffending mountain. It didn’t reach it’s target; the missile merely sailing over the river and into the next field. The stone did land with a satisfying thump amongst the herd of sheep. It would have been more satisfying if Goguire hadn’t been the herder. Now he would have to round on up the fleeing, panicked mass of wool and ears, and that was never fun.

How he hated herding. He hated that his dad refused to send him to school even more; hated that he was a giant the most.

It didn’t matter that he came from a long line of respected giants–royal even, who held large lands in this country. It mattered even less that more than half of his illustrious ancestors had appeared in, or inspired, significant fairy-tales. He was of the Etins, and there was nothing he could do about it.

And Etins didn’t go to school.

Etins didn’t need schooling, or so his father said.

Etins ruled with might, and by holding onto their lands. Not by studying science and learning how to make things…better.

Goguire’s second stone missile made it all the way past the tree, all the way across the river and two fields down. It roused the goats into a angry rush, but it did nothing to make Goguire feel better.

If only he could go to school down in Edinburgh instead of wasting away here in the mountains. He could learn to move mountains like his ancestors said they could, but hadn’t. He could build better barns and byres. He could…There was no limit to what Goguire could do; if he had the schooling; if he had the knowledge…

The sun was almost down. And there were the sheep to round up. Goguire sighed. There had to be a way. He had to get a schooling.

“Goguire,” bellowed his father, Dubh Etin, the Dark.

“Yeah, dad?” asked Goguire, knowing what was coming.

“Did you lose any sheep?”

“No, dad.”

“Did you meet any little people trying robbing you of your treasure.

Goguire sighed. “You know I don’t have any treasure, dad.”

His father roared with laughter. “That’s right, lad. It’s all mine for now. But one day, all the land as far as your eyes can see will be yours. You’ll be king of this little country here. And don’t you let any little people come take that away from you.”

“Yes, dad,” said Goguire. “And wouldn’t that be all the more easily done if I were to attend that school in Edinburgh.”

His father’s face grew thunderous. “No son of mine is going to Edinburgh! No son of mine is getting a schooling! This is our land. You know how to care of it, and it of you. So here you’ll stay!” decreed his father in such a loud voice that the trees swayed for miles around.

“Yes, dad,” sighed Goguire. But he knew in his heart that he was going to Edinburgh, to study in the best school of the land: Edinburgh University….

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