The Knight in Tarnished Armour and Other Stories

LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box is out. We thought we’d give you a wee peak at what’s it’s all about, so here’s exclusive little snippets on The Knight in Tarnished Armour , and a little introduction to Niall and his nemesis,  Minton the Warlord.



The Knight In Tarnished Armour
and Other Stories

Niall the Knight Farmer and his cow-herd must foil the wicked Warlord Minton, and his dastardly plans. Then there’s the dragon which has set fire to the mine.




Table of Contents:

The Knight In Tarnished Armour
In which we first meet Niall, Minton, and Cowie.

Minton’s Revenge
In which Minton turns to a dastardly assasin to help him get rid of Niall the Knight Farmer.

The Key To Wishes
In which Minton gets his wish, in a way.

The Fearsome Dragon
In which Cowie and Niall disagree about how best to handle a dragon, and Niall tries futile feudal tactics.

Excerpt from:
The Knight in Tarnished Armour and Other Stories

by Anushka Haakonson

Once upon a time, neither you nor me quite know, there lived a Princess.

She wasn’t very interested in princessing. Actually, she was more interested in traveling, and meeting people and experiencing what her people’s lives really were like, so that when she became queen (as she indubitably would) she would be able to help them lead happier lives.

As her ambitions were contrary to the normal princessing duties, she ran away.
Which was why, when the evil warlording king from the neighbouring country demanded her hand in marriage (in order that he could legitimately have a heir–then he’d kill her) the princess’s father, the King, shrugged his shoulders and said “Sure, if you can find her…”.

You see, he had not a large enough army to counter the warlord’s one.

So Minton the Warlord (you would go warlording too if your mother insisted on calling you “Mini, dear”) promptly set about searching for the runaway Princess by laying waste to all the hills he came across (for everyone knows that runaways hide in the hills), and enriching the valleys by provisioning his troops in the numerous villages found there.

It was a very mountainous country with countless hills and valleys, and the Princess’s country soon grew quite rich courtesy of the invading army.

And so it was for two years or more until Minton, realising his methods were getting him nowhere, challenged the King or his Champion to a duel to the death if the Princess was not forthcoming. The King, alas, had no champions. His army of fifty had become wealthy merchants and didn’t wish to resume their former careers. The King’s bodyguard was so old and frail that he often leaned on the king for support, and if the King himself (who was, to be honest, not in the greatest shape) was to accept the challenge, then the land would fall to the Evil Warlord Minton.
And that would never do. A champion had to be found.

So the King offered fifty bags of grain and the hand of the Princess–should she ever be found–to the champion who would defeat the Evil Warlord Minton.

Only one champion came forth. Niall was his name.

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