Here’s to a brighter, happier and more successful 2016.

Here we are the start of our third year in publishing! It feels like someone’s thrown the watch out the window yet again!

We didn’t meet our 2015 publishing goals. There was just too much happening to demand our immediate attention in other parts of our lives.
We’re going to be a little more cautious and time-conscious this year when it comes to bring out new work.

So here’s what we’ll have for you till the end of March 2016:

m_The LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Cover bThe LTSP Holiday Bumper Book Box is still on sale, but only until mid-February 2016.







For each week in March, we roll out the short stories from the Holiday Bumper Book into their own jackets. They are all on pre-order now 🙂

Ride The Wave Kiss The God bMarch 1: Ride The Wave, Kiss The God

March 8: The Knight In Tarnished Armour and Other Stories

m_Surviving OblivionMarch 15: Surviving Oblivion

m_Slipped Up bMarch 22: SlippedUp

Goguire Search ForMarch 29: Goguire’s Search For A Schooling

And here’s a little reminder to catch Leenna’s short story ‘Love Like Water‘ before it goes home to her new collection of short stories, which we hope to bring out February or April 2016. Watch out for more previews from that collection.

The first adventure of Gilbert MacD is still in the works, though much delayed. This very first novella by Anushka Haakonson needs a little more polishing before she’s happy to send it out into the world. Expect to find Gilbert’s first adventure for the June/July 2016 break.

NVaughn7’s been awfully quiet this year, grappling with a longer work. Here’s hoping he’ll surprise us more with short fiction before too long.

In the meantime, feel free to sign-up for our newsletter for more quarterly news, exclusive discounts and stories, and the occassional freebie. Be sure to pick up your welcome gift too. For the moment, it’s Anushka’s The Bear-Redemption.

A Happy New Year to you! Here’s to a brighter, happier and more successful 2016.

Happy 2016 LTSP


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