March: High Tide for eBooks!

March is here, and so are our new short stories!

As promised, we’re releasing selected short stories individually from our Holiday Bumper Book Box. Three are stories by Leenna and two by Anushka.

We are pleased at the new styling of our covers and would love to know what you think about them, so please feel free to click on our poll later.

Smashwords RAEW 4 LoseSelfDon’t forget: Read An Ebook Week Starts March 6, 2016 and runs until March 12, 2016.

We’ve got titles on discount from 25%-50%.

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Here’s what our current release schedule looks like:

Ride The Wave Kiss The God bMarch 1, 2016
Ride The Wave, Kiss The God
Leenna Naidoo

The end of the world is nigh, and this school teacher is convinced that there’s a better way to survive it than being enclosed in the smallest of spaces with her ex, and whole lot of baggage.
A short story read, perfect for a commute of coffee-shop read.

RR Price:$0.99

Words: 2,000
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311827258

iTunes    Kobo    Barnes and Noble   Smashwords    Overdrive    Scribd
or ask your local librarian

Find out more on Leenna’s blog.


The Knight In Tarnished Armour and Other StoriesMarch 8, 2016
The Knight in Tarnished Armour and Other Stories
Anushka Haakonson

Niall the Knight Farmer and his cow-herd must foil the wicked Warlord Minton, and his dastardly plans. Then there’s the dragon which has set fire to the mine.
Sir Niall is not your usual knight. With his experimental farm and feisty cow-herd, he’s still the only hero in a kingdom where befuddlement reigns, especially when the evil Warlord Minton is around.
Four short stories featuring the bespectacled knight, Cowie and one not so little dragon.

RR Price: $2.50

Words: 6,630
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311873897

iTunes    Kobo    Barnes and Noble   Smashwords    Overdrive    Scribd
or ask your local librarian


m_Surviving OblivionMarch 15, 2016
Surviving Oblivion
Leenna Naidoo

There’s little to keep her going in the aftermath of Oblivion. Can a dream love really be her salvation? Oblivion has destroyed life as we knew it. Everyone she’s ever know has passed away, except one. And she’s not even sure that he’s real…

RR Price: $0.99

Words: 2,820
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311136893


iTunes    Kobo    Barnes and Noble   Smashwords    Overdrive    Scribd
or ask your local librarian


m_Slipped Up bMarch 22, 2016
Slipped Up
Leenna Naidoo

The stolen Glass Slippers are worth a little fortune. How can Fiona keep her mind on the production when her fiance’ is the main suspect?
A short coffee or commute read with a little bit of old fashioned drama.

RR Price: $0.99

Words: 2,230
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310175640

iTunes    Kobo    Barnes and Noble   Smashwords    Overdrive    Scribd
or ask your local librarian


Goguire Search ForMarch 29, 2016
Goguire’s Search For A Schooling
Anushka Haakonson

Giants don’t go to school, or so Goguire’s been told. But this intrepid young giant has other ideas, and is searching for more. Stuck on a farm, there’s not much this young giant can do to make things better. There’s always running away to Edinburgh where the university lies. And Goguire is determined to get there.

RR Price: $0.99

Words: 2,540
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310931239

iTunes    Kobo    Barnes and Noble   Smashwords    Overdrive    Scribd
or ask your local librarian

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